Myth Raids and Tower of Ordeal

Regarding Myth Raids and Tower of Ordeal

Bonus 3 and Myth

Regarding Bonus 3 and Myth

Myth Revamp

Regard Myth's Revamp

Bonus 2

Regarding Bonus 2

Dacy Revamp

Regarding Dacy's Revamp

Arien Revamp

Regarding Arien's Revamp

Dainn Revamp

Regarding Dainn's Revamp

Forest of Fire Released

Regarding the latest patch, including Myth 3!

Corridor of Moon

Regarding Corridor of Moon

Maze of the Moon

Regarding the release of Myth

Episode 5 and 6

Regarding Episode 5 and 6

Upcoming Ranked Challenges

Regarding our upcoming Ranked Challenges system! Earn rewards by competing against your friends in Lunia!

Guild Bank Beta

Regarding the guild bank beta! Read up on what it is, how to use it, and how to get started!

Episode 4

Regarding Beta Episode 4

Database Migration Maintenance

Regarding our Database Migration

Regarding US-WEST

Regarding our U.S. Server

EP3L Maintenance

Regarding Beta Episode 3

Beta Episode 2

Regarding Beta Episode 2

Removal of Holiday CS

Regarding the removal of the Holiday CS


Regarding the feasibility of regional servers

Open Beta

Regarding the status of the Beta Test

PVP System

Regarding our new PVP System

Looking Forward to Beta

Regarding our upcoming Beta Test

Our Mission

Regarding our Mission


Regarding our Conquest System