By creating an Eternal Lunia account on, you agree to have read and abide by the following:

★ Do not advertise other products or services. Violators will be perma-banned.
★ Do not use any third party programs. This includes, but is not limited to: Macros, bots, and hacks.
★ Do not exploit any bugs or vulnerabilities. If you benefit from an exploit unintentionally, you are requested to report it via a ticket as soon as possible. Failing which, you will be assumed to have exploited intentionally.
★ Do not play on multiple clients. Each person may only have one (1) character in a stage, and up to one (1) additional character in the square, regardless of the number of computers owned.
★ Do not participate in PVP match fixing, where one or more players intentionally allow themselves to be defeated.
★ Do not spam. Typing the same or similar phrase multiple times in a row within a short period of time will be considered as spam.
★ Do not send unsolicited invites (/invite, /si) without the recipient's prior approval. If they do not reply, they are assumed to have said "no".
★ Do not make offensive or racist remarks.
★ Do not impersonate our staff.
★ Do not scam.
★ Do not charge back or reverse donations. If you have a dispute, talk to us first so that we can resolve it. Any chargebacks or reversals will result in a permanent ban.
★ Do not abuse the ticket system.
★ Do not share, trade, buy, or sell accounts, or attempt to do so. The security of your account is your responsibility, and you will be held responsible for any illegal activities carried out on your account.

Violation of the above will result in a warning or ban.
Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from the game.
Please report players who break the rules via tickets.
All staff decisions are final.

Okay, let me register already!